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Working With A Drapery Workroom ~ Denver, Colorado

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 Working With A Drapery Workroom ~ Denver, Colorado

At Window Wears, interior designers and decorators often ask us about the process of working with a drapery workroom. Below are the 10 easy steps that we follow to ensure quality, accuracy, and timeliness.


Drapery Workroom Step #1:

You meet with your client to talk about his/her needs and desires.


Drapery Workroom Step #2:

You and the client determine the style of drapery that you’d prefer (i.e. Roman Shades, Cornices, Valances, Drapery Panels) and the fabric.


Drapery Workroom Step #3:

You take measurements of the windows (widths and lengths) and submit a request to us for a price quote.


Drapery Workroom Step #4:

Within 24 hours, we’ll get back to you with a written quote that includes: how many yards of fabric are needed, our fee for producing the drapery products, and a timeframe for completion. In general, we complete drapery projects within 4-6 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the order. However, once your order is placed, we’ll give you an exact due date, and we’ll meet that deadline.


Drapery Workroom Step #5:

You discuss the price quote and drapery project with your client. If you decide to move forward, you place an order with us, give us a 50% deposit, and order fabric for the job.


Drapery Workroom Step #6:

Typically, all of the fabric and materials that are ordered for drapery products are drop shipped to our drapery workroom in Castle Rock, Colorado.


Drapery Workroom Step #7:

We fabricate your drapery products, and when we’re finished, you can schedule the installation.


Drapery Workroom Step #8:

Most interior designers and decorators have drapery installers they prefer to work with, but if you need someone, we’re happy to recommend a Preferred Installer we trust.


Drapery Workroom Step #9:

We deliver the drapery products to you or the installer and receive final payment for the order.


Drapery Workroom Step #10:

The draperies are installed.


For more information on our drapery products or to request a drapery workroom price quote, please call (303) 862-7606, or e-mail


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