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Types Of Drapes And Drapery

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Types Of Drapes And Drapery

At Window Wears, we can custom make any combination of drapes and drapery. Below are the most common types that we fabricate.
Functional Drapes
In terms of function, drapes and window treatments are typically used to control light, block out the cold and/or heat, provide privacy, and help mute sounds and prevent echoing). The most common types of function drapes are:
Pinch pleat drapery (also known as draw drapery) – these types of drapes open as a pair or draw to one side or the other.
Roman shades – these types of drapes open up and down.
Non-Functional Drapes
In terms of form, drapes and window treatments can be used to add personality to a room, to frame a window, to focus your eye on the window, to make rooms seem taller or shorter, to provide accents, to add warmth and color, to dress a room up or down, and to compensate for windows that aren’t the same height. The most common types of form drapes are:
In manufacturing custom drapes, we can create solutions that provide the perfect function and form, to your exact specifications. For more information on types of drapes and draperies, or to place a drapery order, please call (303) 862-7606, or e-mail
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