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Selecting Fabric For Draperies

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Selecting Fabric For Draperies

Selecting the perfect fabric for draperies is both an art and a science. With 25 years experience sewing and fabricating custom drapery, we’ve seen the range of possibilities and are happy to make recommendations and/or brainstorm ideas with you. Below are some fabric selection guidelines for window treatments.
Decide What Fabric Style You Prefer For Drapes
Fabric for draperies falls into three broad categories:
•Formal fabrics (silks, brocades, antique satins, velvets, sheens)
•Casual fabrics (linens, textures, neutrals, no sheens, small prints, chenilles, upholstery-weight fabrics)
•Contemporary fabrics (geometric prints, linens, textures, neutrals)
Choose The Right Fabric For The Right Job
When you’re choosing fabric, consider where it will be used. For example, some fabrics don’t drape well. Big repeats on small cornices isn’t a good idea (because you can’t see the whole repeat). Railroaded fabrics have to be selected with care (because of where the seam might fall and because you don’t want the stripe accidentally running the wrong way).
Mix And Match Fabrics On Drapery
Mixing and matching fabrics in custom draperies can create a dramatic, cohesive look. Trims (fringes, braids, and tassels) can give drapes more personality. Banding (an accent stripe made out of a different fabric that’s sewn vertically down the side of a panel or horizontally across the bottom) can add flair. By choosing complementary or contrasting fabrics, you can make the drapes stand out and/or match other items in the rooms. For example, if you’ve chosen a floral pattern for a couch and a solid for chairs, you can create reminiscent drapery by choosing a floral for the drapes with a solid color for the banding.
Know What You’re Trying To Accomplish
Remember that one of the most important benefits of custom draperies is that they can help balance out a room. So, heavy furniture should command heavy draperies. Custom-made buttons sewn to draperies can tie in with another look in the room. Nails added to cornices can accent a Mediterranean or Western look.
Let your imagination run wild…and then run the ideas by us, and we’ll tell you not only what’s possible, but also what’s ideal!

For more information on selecting fabric for draperies, please call (303) 862-7606, or e-mail

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