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Drapery Workroom Secrets ~ Denver, Colorado

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 Drapery Workroom Secrets ~ Denver, Colorado

Founded in 1985, our drapery workroom in the Denver metro area has been in business for more than 25 years, and while styles and trends have come and gone, some things never change. 

Below are some of the top “secrets” that we routinely share with the interior designers and decorators that we collaborate with on drapery projects.


Drapery Workroom Tip #1

If you want your drapery to fully clear your window when the drapery is open, multiply your window width by 1.333.


Drapery Workroom Tip #2

When selecting fabric for wide Cornices, consider choosing a railroaded fabric to avoid seams.


Drapery Workroom Tip #3

If the fabric that you select for your drapes has a pattern repeat, you need to allow for that when calculating yardage.


Drapery Workroom Tip #4

When working with silks, use interlining. It will hang better and last longer.


Drapery Workroom Tip #5

For the finished width of a Valance, add 4” to the width of the treatment underneath or to your window width.


Drapery Workroom Tip #6

For Cornices, don’t use a loose weave or stretchy fabric.


Drapery Workroom Tip #7

Cascades should finish to 1/3, 2/3, sill length, floor length.


Drapery Workroom Tip #8

Drapery lining is worth the extra investment. Lined draperies hang better and last longer.

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