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Cleaning Drapery

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Cleaning Drapery

At Window Wears, one of the most common questions we get is, “How should I clean my drapes?”
Our first answer is, “Never, ever, ever, ever, ever put them in a washing machine.”
Washing drapes in a machine is a sure-fire way to destroy them. And even taking them to a dry cleaners isn’t the best answer. Most dry cleaners don’t know how to properly fold drapes once they’re clean, so the drapes don’t hang right once they’re put back in place.
The best way to clean drapes is to hire a professional service to come into your home. Typically, these are the same companies that offer carpet cleaning services, and they’ll dry clean your drapes on the spot, without removing them from the walls. An experienced drape cleaner will know how to clean them and how to “dress them out,” with the folds hanging evenly, without wrinkles.
Silk and velvet draperies can be tricky, so when you’re selecting a drapery cleaning firm, make sure that they send a technician who knows how to handle these expensive, delicate fabrics.
For more information on how to clean drapes, please call us, (303) 862-7606, or e-mail
Please note: Most draperies only need to be cleaned every four or five years, or whenever you have your carpets cleaned.
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